'Collector has stopped'

06-07-2017 12:01 AM
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Hello, Recently we bought an Samsung Galaxy Tab A (v6) and installed the (latest) Collector app for Android. When we download our own editable map from our online environment, and want to start it offline, it displays the message: 'Collector has stopped' and doesn't open the offline map. I can't find any faultcode. I've tried several times to download it again, but it keeps displaying the same fault. Anyone got a solution?

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Since you mentioned that you are downloading map on Collector App, I assume sync capability has been enabled. If not, please enable it and then check it out.

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We've checked that option, it's enabled. Unfortunately that's not the solution. Thank you for the quick reaction.

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Collector Stopped is the message I receive just trying to open the app.  This is on the Samsung Galaxy 7S and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.  Anyone else having an issue even getting the app open?

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by Esri Contributor
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Does the crash happen to all the offline map or just a particular map? Could you please share the map with collector4arcgis? We can debug it further. Thank you for reporting the issue. We like to look into it asap.

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How to get running again
1. Uninstall Collector from your device.
2. Navigate to “My files” > “Internal Storage” > “ArcGIS_Collector” Open “offline_data” and delete any local content left on the device.
3. Install from the store.

It does seem to be happening mostly on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 devices. 

Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. We will update the blogs once we isolate this. 

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Thank you for your reaction. This sorted out the problem. It works fine now.

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Since the above steps have been posted, this issue has been tested and narrowed down further to specific offline basemaps. The following set of steps provide a more detailed approach to identifying the problematic files, while still preserving much of the offline data content:

  1.      Close Collector
  2.      Connect the device to a PC via USB
  3.      Using Windows Explorer to access the device, navigate to ArcGIS_Collector > offline_data > basemaps
  4.      Cut/paste all the offline basemaps into a folder on the PC
  5.      Using a process of elimination, proceed to paste each basemap folder back into the basemaps folder on the device, while opening Collector in between.
  6.      Once the problematic basemap(s) have been identified, proceed to remove them from the device and redownload if necessary.


Note: This workflow may be performed directly on the device via its file explorer app w/out the use of the USB connection. The steps just might vary due to different Android versions or file explorer apps being used on the devices.



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i was having the same issue. followed some of the above posts about removing basemaps. Now i am unable to remove the offline webmap (collector crashes when i attempt to remove it) or open it since it has no basemap associated.

Also noticed that seems like there are some other major glitches with creating maps to take offline. I could not create a new one (the offline enable option is not there), i was able to copy and change one of the maps that i had already been using offline though.

Very frustrating since i use the offline data collection daily and am relying on it to collect data. We need a fix ASAP!

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Just had a first yesterday. I use both Samsung TabA and Samsung S2 tablets.

Four tablets crashed while collecting (not uncommon), but what was different this time was that it not only crashed but also deleted the local basemap .tpk that was saved on the sd card.  I've never had this happen before and in one day it happened four times.  The local .tkp was not ridicously large either about 1.2gb (I've used 10gb tiles before).

Has this issue ever happened to anyone?  I wasn't able to verify this myself, I hope to get more information later.

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