Date and time missing when offline using related table

12-01-2016 12:34 PM
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I'm using Collector 10.4 on android.  I'm collecting data in a related table.

When I'm connected and online, and I collect data, the date/time field is populated correctly.  All works well.

When I'm disconnected and go offline, collect data and sync, the date/time field is not populated - it is blank.

I'd like the date/time field to be populated the same way in both instances.

Is anyone aware of a solution?  

Thank you.


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Worked with Esri Support. This is a known issue:

BUG-000099125: Disconnected editing in Collector for ArcGIS fails t.. 

A workaround is hosting using ArcGIS Server.  The issue appears to only apply to data hosting on AGOL.