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[Crtn-l 115] URGENT: Real Time Data Streams May Be Lost

10-23-2018 02:57 PM
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Your Immediate Response Requested: We may permanently lose real time data streams from USGS GPS Stations (see list of stations at the bottom of this email).


You may have been affected by USGS outages in Southern California, which are still not pushing RTCM data streams.  These data streams are down due to server issues at USGS.  During CSRC’s conversation with USGS, it has come to our attention that they will be updating their servers/software for all of their GPS stations in the near future.  USGS is considering shutting down all Northern and Southern California RTCM data streams through the new servers.  They are under the impression that no one is using the RTCM data streams, since they have only received two emails about the station outages.  We will send USGS a concerted response and plan to include the information from you.   


Please review the list of USGS stations below.  If you use any of these stations, please email and or reply all to this email by Thursday with the following information:


  1. List the USGS GPS station(s) that you utilize (see below). 
  2. Briefly state the purpose of the USGS RTCM streams (especially for State, County, Local, Capital Improvement projects, etc.). 
  3. How would it affect your ability to perform your required work without these RTCM data streams?

We appreciate your immediate response to this email.  We apologize if you have received this email more than once due to cross-posting. 




Maria Turingan

CSRC Coordinator

E-mail <>

Phone  (858) 822-2156



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