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Contingent Values In Collector for ArcGIS

06-12-2019 11:07 AM
New Contributor

I have designed a layer which has contingent values and this works when editing the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro but the contingent values don't work in AGOL or Collector. In Collector for instance I have a field called "Backhoe," if the value of "yes" is selected then the field "Traffic Control Needed" should only have the option of selecting "yes." However, if "no" is selected in the "Backhoe" field then no values should be selected for the "Traffic Control Needed" field. 

For Collector I am using version 19.0.1.

Any help would be appreciated. 

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Esri Contributor

Bal Atwal Currently, ArcGIS Pro is the only client aware of contingent values and able to consume them. There are plans to expose contingent values through Runtime in a future release which should then pave the way for expanded usage beyond ArcGIS Pro. An Idea has been created with a similar request which you can use to track this capability.