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Points not displaying in (new) Collector, however data is being collected and displays in database?

07-16-2019 10:11 AM
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I have point feature service hosted in SDE and published to Esri enterprise sever with portal. I have a web map set up in portal streaming the feature service. When you access the web map via computer all data comes though points, lines and polygons. When accessing the web map via ( new ) collector the points do not display, (lines and polys do). You can collected new data points and points will appear on web map via computer, but do no not show on the mobile collector app. This is critical because this does not allow the user to edit existing data points only collect new ones.

  • All functions are available on classic but I need it to work on (new) Collector
  • This is not database specific, i am running into this same issue with multiple database and datasets 

collector;‌enterprise online #portal feature layers#sde performance

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