Collector (20.2.2) not able to connect to Trimble R1 on Pixel 5

04-21-2021 09:35 AM
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We have a brand new Trimble R1 bluetooth GNSS receiver that has a problem with Collector on a Google Pixel 5. I get an error at the top of the map "GPS location not available". 

What's interesting to me is that the Field Maps App CAN connect and get locations from the R1 on the same Pixel phone.  We can also get Collector to connect to the R1 using an iPhone without any issues.

Steps I have tried on the Pixel:

  • Trimble Mobile Manager App sees the R1 no problem so it is connecting and TMM is streaming location data
  • Mock locations is turned on
  • In TMM, location sharing is on
  • The R1 is selected in the Location Providers section of the app
  • Cleared Collector App storage and cache app data
  • Uninstall/Reinstalled Collector
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Same problem. The R1 connects to tmm. The field maps app says "can not connect to GPS.

If I connect R1 to the GNNS status app, then opens collector classic,it works and receive position data from thevR1.

Any suggestion?