Submitted data not saving using Collector for ArcGIS

04-23-2019 06:34 AM
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My organization has been successfully using Collector Classic on our iPhones with ArcGIS Online to collect data in the field. Once back in the office, all data that we have collected in the field is waiting for us in the appropriate GIS layers and available to us to build maps using ArcGIS back at the office. We recently downloaded the new Collector for ArcGIS app on our iPhones (version 19.0.1) and sign on exactly the same way as we do when using the Collector Classic app. In the Collector for ArcGIS app, we have full access to the same maps and layers that we have in Collector Classic. Everything seems to be working as it should, but we are finding that all of the data that we collect in the field and submit seems to simply disappear (and yes we do get the green checkmark and message that indicates that the data was indeed submitted). The submitted data does not show up on the app's map on our phones, nor does it show up in our GIS layers back at the office. Since everything is set up exactly the same way (as far as we can tell) and we are logging in with the same account name/password, we cannot figure out why Collector Classic still works fine, but Collector for ArcGIS will not save our collected data even through it seems to indicate that it is when we submit it. Is there perhaps some setting that we are missing? Is this app--which I know is still basically in a BETA stage--not really set up yet to actually collect and submit data yet? Thanks for any insight that you can provide!  ~Shane

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I was experiencing this behavior last week. Works fine in Classic but not in the new Collector. A few 'ESRI' fields were hidden so they wouldn't show up in the webmap popups (shape fields and objectID). Once these were visible my 'submitted' points started showing up in the map. 

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Hi, I am experiencing the same issue now. Were you able to resolve the problem? If so, could you provide me some guidance please? Thank you!

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