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Collector Offline Area Download Failed - 504 Timeout Error

05-12-2021 01:30 PM
New Contributor

I'm running into an issue downloading my offline areas in the collector app where sometimes they will fail to download the troubleshooting logs will tell me that one or more of layers returned a code 504 timeout error when downloading. When I try re-downloading them sometimes they will download and sync successfully, and other times they will fail again. When they do fail multiple times it is not always the same layers  returning the timeout error. If I try enough times I'm eventually able to get all of the offline areas to download, so I don't think it's something with my layer or map settings.

Has anyone else run into this or have any solutions? 



EDIT: I tried the same map area in field maps and received the same timeout error, so I guess it's not a collector related issue

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I had a similar issue (also in Field Maps), though I don't know what the timeout error was.  I opened a support ticket and the only resolution was to rebuild my map.  I hope there is another solution out there!

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