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Can I save Collector photos on iOS?

07-25-2017 11:03 AM
Occasional Contributor

Our field workers are using iPads as their mobile office and they need access to photos and videos that they collected with Collector in past.
In many cases they are in areas where there is no service so they can't access any of the photos they took while using Collector.
I am very well familiar with the offline option of Collector, but this is not the case here. The field workers know where they start their day, but they don't always know where they'll end up after a few hours, so they can't download maps and features ahead of time. They might also be in several different areas without service on the same day.

Is there a way to save collected photos on the device?

I really want to avoid the detour of taking the photos first and then attach them to the collected features, as it is time consuming (we are initiating a project of collecting hundreds of new features) and it also leaves more room for errors.
The process that describes here work-with-attachments is even more time consuming.


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