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Get Collector to show map when Data is View only

07-26-2017 05:00 PM
Occasional Contributor II

Can I setup AGOL to view data only in Collector? If I first publish a feature service without any of the editing turned on (only query), I cannot get the Enable Offline checkbox to show up in the map. There is a weird trick someone found by which you change the basemap and then the Enable Offline checkbox shows up, however it's still not actually available in Collector. I have a work around but it's not a good one. 

  1. Publish a feature service with all the editing functions turned on including sync.
  2. Make a map from the feature service in AGOL - not sure making the map directly from the feature service is required but it's how I did it and got it to work. Perhaps it would work if you made a new map and added the feature service after, but it doesn't work with old maps. 
  3. Re-publish the feature service with all editing functions off including sync. I just want Collector to be able to view the data (Query only). 
  4. The map still works in Collector

If I make the map first without coming from the data, and if the data doesn't have editing on, then the map will never be available in Collector even when you re-publish the data with all editing on. This is baffling.

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