Add inspection records to update parent asset symbology

01-21-2016 05:15 AM
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We have pipe segments that are setup for SL-RAT tests. We would like to input the results of each test into the parent version of the asset and have the line change color from Black (a line that hasn't been tested) to Green/Yellow/Red/White (depending on the results of the test). Currently, we can edit the parent asset but in a year or two, when we come back to do another test, if the results change we'd have to add an inspection record to this line. How do we get the new record (say the line went from an 8 Green to 6 Yellow) to update the parent version but still keep the original inspection for historical tracking?

I know we can edit the parent version for the current score and add an inspection for the same test. However, I feel like this may become cumbersome and the field crews may forget to add both records. Is there even a way to do this in ArcGIS Online? The inspection process works fine for manholes and other assets but for this test, we are trying to combine 2 different things.

The pipe segments are grouped into scores/results by:

0 – White (line is blocked)

1-3 – Red (line is poor)

4-6 – Yellow (line is fair)

7-10 – Green (line is good)

In the attached images, I've given a pipe segment a score of 8 - Good so the line should be green. The following day, I test the same pipe and it scores a 3 - Poor so it should be red. How can I make the parent version change from green to red but keep the original inspection?

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