ArcPad for Android

11-22-2011 06:38 AM
Status: Open
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Please create ArcPad to run on Android devices.

I do not understand why ArcPad continues to be updated for an old Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system?

Android is far superior and already has some great GIS apps such as Locus Pro and OSMAND.

Please review the features within Locus Pro and OSMAND and create those features in a ArcPad for Android.

Some very usefull features in OSMAND is the transparency slider bar (just keep it on the main screen for easy changing in the field)

Also, please use sqlitedb for tiles and create a desktop application to convert ArcMap projects to sqlitedb format for use on Android.

I agree whole heartedly.  I understand why you would still develop for WM 6.x since all the high end GPS devices like Trimble are still using it, but with a cheap device like the Samsung Galaxy Player 4" and 5" ($180-$210 with no monthly phone fees) or Tabs, I could run Arcpad separately from the expensive even to rent GPS device which is even better since I mostly just rent the GPS device when I need it, but use ArcPad all the time.  Currently I run ArcPad on an HP211 but they don't make those anymore.

Get ahead of the curve and develop ArcPad as a stand-alone GIS program for the Android that doesn't need internet/phone access for maps etc.
In my organization we would probably be willing to sacrifice some accuracy in order to have tablet-sized devices that mirror what users have come to expect as consumers. It seems the people holding the purse strings are more likely to approve purchases of attractive touchscreen devices that are easy to use, so if they meet our operational needs let's go in that direction.
I'm sure this is on Esri's radar but I think many of us would appreciate them picking up the pace. Thanks!   

More than a few users would gladly walk away from windows (especially windows mobile [yuck]) if other OS support was offered.  Get ahead of the curve before you find yourself behind it I say.

It seems to me that Windows Mobile is an abandoned product. Last I saw, Microsoft had no intensions of updating it. The 6.5 version was just a minor upgrade of the 5.0 version, so the technology is more than 15 years old.

There are ruggedized Andriod tablets coming on the market now, in addition to waterproof bags for non hardened tablets. Apple sure isn't going to get into the ruggedized market. Andriod seems to be the logical next step for mobile data collection devices.

ESRI needs to get think ahead. I know I am reluctant to buy a Windows Mobile device.
Could be a whole new product.  ArcApp for <device>.  New business market as well (what if it were sold for $20 on an app/i store).  I'd buy one personally.  Organization I work for would buy many versus dropping ArcPad due to limited use and development.

Seems to me the first one to have totally disconnected editing (no caching) via common devices is going to win.  Checking data in/out is a huge bonus.

Bluetoothing to a better GPS will take care of the precision for low-grade on board GPS devices.

Web/Cloud editing has its market.  But the independent/disconnected environment has a huge market and is being left behind.
I've got my users collecting data using Galaxy 7 tabs with Bluetooth external antenna's and using Google's My Tracks app. It's not bad, but bviously a dedicated ArcPad app would streamline the process. 
With some of the cool new hardware that will arrive with Windows 8, get well ahead of the curve and surf in on ArcPad for Windows 8.
My small organization has an old Recon that is becoming unusable though our external antennae is fine. If it was an option we would jump at the chance to have ArcPad on an Android device for the couple months a year we do GPS work and then double the device as a field unit for our web based work order system we are implementing. With decent Android tablets in the 200-300 dollar range vs. the cost of a new Recon that could only be used for our GPS work an Android option for ArcPad would be a huge boon to us.
We have been using ArcPad for almost 10 years.  I haven't found any of ESRI's recent mobile solutions to be as good a ArcPad, but it is time to port it to the current software and hardware environments.  I agree it needs to run as a stand alone app which can be run in remote areas without wifi or cellular service.
Oh God. This is what we foresters need...Please ESRI...hurry up