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Supported VR devices for ArcGIS 360 VR

12-02-2021 02:34 AM
New Contributor III


is there a list of VR-Headsets that work with ArcGIS 360 VR or a list that indicates which devices are not supported? On the ArcGIS Blog I only found the information that "users can view 360 VR experiences on all major VR devices, desktop and mobile platforms using the built-in browser".

Thank you & BR,


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Esri Contributor

Hello Korbi,

For standalone devices, we support Oculus Quest 1 & 2.

For devices connected to desktop computers, we support Oculus (Rift, Quest 1 & 2 with Link), Windows Mixed Reality (tested with HP Reverb) and HTC (tested with Vive).

Additional devices are likely to work, as long as they are able to run WebXR-based experiences. But we recommend testing this first.

Hope this clarifies.