Extrude flat top only for generated buildings

12-04-2021 01:07 AM
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I am having trouble extruding a flat top only for the buildings that actually get generated. Out of the many footprints I have, only a certain percentage of them are generated to buildings based on a stochastic rule. StartRule.cga generates these buildings based on references to other rules. The extrude flat top operation is currently in the start rule (Lot rule) of StartRule1660.cga. The generated models look like this:


I am not sure where else to put it so that the lots that don't get modelled also don't get a flat top. I tried applying the extrude flat top operation in the Building rule of WoodHouse.cga and EstateBuilding1660.cga, but as you can see in the picture below, it didn't work.


Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?  Matthias Buehler‌ Cheryl Lau‌ Geoff TaylorDavid WassermanChris WilkinsThomas FuchsMichelle MathiasL RMartin Manzer‌ Elliot HartleyDan Patterson


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