sunlight analysis in CityEngine

01-02-2019 01:57 PM
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I want to do sunlight analysis and sky view factor analysis with my high-rise buildings. I looked for many tutorials and they told me to transfer the data from CityEngine to ArcGIS to do the 3D analysis. Does the CityEngine have a function to directly execute sunlight analysis or SVF analysis? I occasionally saw a paper that it did! But I cannot find it...... I am just a starter so very confused right now. Does anyone know how to do? I would be very grateful for any advice! Thanks to all of you and happy new year.

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I´m not sure 

But did you see these tutorials? Using ArcGIS Pro

Calculate Solar Radiation | ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government  

Visibility Assessment | ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government 

Cityengine has the Visibility Analysis Tool Help - 

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The solution is no longer available (see screen below). Do u have some suggestions to perform 3D visibility analysis and solar radiation or maybe you still have the solution file.





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...yes, visibility tools (View Dome) might help regarding SVF. Unfortunately CityEngine currently does not offer sunlight (shadow) analysis tools. 

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