Problem when exporting models from Cityengine to Arcgis Pro

08-05-2022 07:27 AM
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Hello community

I created a model in CityEngine that contains different layers and i tired to export as a filegeodatabase to perfom some analysis on arcgis pro.

But I get the error : "The batch export completed but at least one error occurred. See export logfile for detailed error information"


In order to solve the error, i checked the problem windows and apparently every model has a generating failed problem ( see screen below) but the models are generated in the view.

Could u please suggest some solutions ? or maybe suggest another approach to export the model to arcgis Pro?



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Hi @Wiama99,

Your screenshot is cut off a bit, so the full error message is not visible. Can you right click on one of the entries and make a screenshot of the "Event details" window or even better export (Right Click -> Export Entry...) on of the entries and attach it here?

Just guessing from the "unknown rule":

  • Are there any errors in your rule?
  • Have the shapes you want to export the rule correctly assigned? Meaning is the path valid?
  • Does everything look good in your scene when you re-generate?

Also what version of CE are you working with?


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