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09-30-2019 04:24 PM
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There used to be Python reference page in the old version of CityEngine help, and now it seems disabled. For example, the search result take to the default help page, and cannot access to the menu 'jscripting'. I would like to see all available functions in CityEngine, not by example only in the tutorial. Any advice? 

-- All of the links below just launch the default page only

Python Scripting Commands by Category - Help - Esri › html › manual › python › jscripting › jscripting_cat
CE.isVisible · CE.mergeLayers · CE.move · CE.rotate · CE.scale · CE.scene · CE.selection · CE.setPosition · CE.setSceneCoordSystem · CE.setSelection · CE.
Python Scripting Command Reference - Help - Esri › python › jscripting.UnrealExportModelSettings.html
Python Scripting Command Reference. Classes. UnrealExportModelSettings. class UnrealExportModelSettings. Export selected models to Unreal Editor.
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perhaps a change

Welcome to CityEngine Help—Help | ArcGIS 

The Python reference can be found in the offline help at Help > Offline Manual & Reference > Python.