Why is my imported rule file not working?

08-30-2019 09:19 AM
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Hello again, this should be very simple to answer......

If I assign my (attached) rule file ScatterRule02.cga to a simple polygonal shape, it does what I expect and scatters instances of my tree model across it.

If, however, I assign splitRule.cga, which is intended to divide the shape in two and then scatter trees over half of it (by importing the ScatterRule02.cga rule file, nothing is generated.

What am I doing wrong please? (please)

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Esri Regular Contributor

f1.Garden doesn't exist because ScatterRule02.cga does not have a rule called Gardenf1 refers to the imported rule file.  After the . you want to put the name of the rule you want to call.  You want to use f1.Lot instead because Lot is the name of the rule in ScatterRule02.cga that does the scattering.

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your explain make it easier.

thank you!

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