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09-07-2014 10:27 AM
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Its likely that this issue can’t be solved, an easy way, but trying to ask anyway, maybe there are some ideas.

We got a lot of data on each land registers. There could be a lot of land registers on each building footprint. Like many other contries we got a lot of buildings with many different ages with different styles built together. In our case those building are drawn together in one building polygon. That is a big mess.

So we split each polygon with the land register layer. Great, know I’m able to control the rule on every land register. That would give me the variety like when you walk down an old street.

But I just noticed that for some reason I got a lot of buildings, that shouldn’t be split up by the land register, since they are built in the same year, and therefor it’s the same building.

This is probably a long shot but could it be possible to merge polygones together again “case” they got the date of built?

The best way would probably be to create some kind of filter, before they where split up. So this is more to check out the possibilities

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Hi Kenneth,

From my understanding you want to merge multiple polygons into one, if they have same date field value. In this case you could use dissolve tool with your date field as dissolve field. Use the dissolved polygon for further processing.


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In CityEngine, when you select joined polygons, and right-click you will find "Separate Faces" and "Combine Shapes". I'm not sure this helps in your context... just mentioning their presence.

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