What is the maximum data extent in CityEngine?

09-04-2014 06:29 AM
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I get the message "The data extent is to large. Reduce the extent of the data".  So what is the maximum data extent?

I guess it's a function of the base unit of the coordinate system.  It would be good to know how to calculate it so I can remove an element of trial and error from my work.

(For the sake of argument I usually work in 'Raw data in metres'.)

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Edit--> Preference-->General-->Procedural Runtime

Help -

I know there is another way to increase the size of the project by increasing the size of free memory (bottom right corner of CityEngine)

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Hi Ben

Do you get the message when importing data in an new/empty scene?



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Yes I get the message in new/empty scene but obviously, as the message suggests, only with data that covers a large extent. 

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