How to Create Dashboards in CE 2015.2

12-08-2015 01:42 AM
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I am testing this great new feature in the latest Cityengine release which allows us to create nice dashboards using Reports.

But I don't understand how to select multiple attributes/reports to compare different modes.

in the configuration panel I can only select one Report:

And I get:

And of course I'd like something like:

In the documentation its says:

If you select a report with sub-classes, only the Pie and Column charts will display all the sub-class values. Key Number will just display the main class. For example, TotalEnergyByClass is divided into the following sub-classes:

  • TotalEnergyByClass.C
  • TotalEnergyByClass.D
  • TotalEnergyByClass.E
  • TotalEnergyByClass.F
  • TotalEnergyByClass.G

When you generate the report the Dashboard displays all the sub-classes values.

Could someone explain how to create classes and sub_classes in a Report ?


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To create column charts and pie charts with multiple columns/slices, generate a report with sub-reports using a period (.) to separate the report and sub-report names.  For example, if you'd like to create a chart that reports GFA for different types of buildings (e.g., retail, residential, office, hospital, etc.), then, generate reports in CGA with the following names:  GFA.Retail, GFA.Residential, GFA.Office, GFA.Hospital, etc.

report("GFA.Retail", geometry.area)

report("GFA.Residential", geometry.area)

Or, if you have the building type in a variable, you can create strings for the report name:

buildingType = "Office"

reportName = "GFA." + buildingType

report(reportName, geometry.area)

More about creating sub-reports can be found in Tutorial 11 in the "Greenspace and BuildUp Area Reports" section:  Tutorial 11: Reporting—CityEngine Tutorials | ArcGIS for Desktop

Then, create the dashboard by selecting "GFA" as the "Report".

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Ok, I got it! It makes reports much more visually attractive.

Thanks for you reply Cheryl.

It would be great to update the CE documentation with a simple example.

Here's the code I used for my test, it might helpful to someone else...

attr height = 20

attr floorheight = 3.5

Footprint -->




FloorUse -->

    50%: Residential

    30%: Office

    else: Entertainment


Residential -->




Office -->




Entertainment -->



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