Has anyone had trouble using the Tutorial 16 rules?

04-13-2017 09:11 AM
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 In the Zoning exercise, "Reflecting the zoning definitions" I'm getting an error in 3_Zoning_01.cej after assigning the "PointMarker_To_FootprintShape" rule to the footprint shape.   The issue seems to be that the parent rule can't file Text.cga even though it's in the ESRI.lib at the same file path as expected by the parent rule.   How do I get the rules to recognize where the text.cga file is?   Thanks, Emily        

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Works fine for me. Maybe Text.cga was changed in 2016.1? Try replacing yours with my attachment.

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Issue was with how I'd loaded the project to the workspace.  All set, thanks!

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I can't seem to reproduce the problem.  I noticed that you're using 2016.0 in the screenshots that you posted on the other post, and I'll take this chance to recommend upgrading to 2016.1 since there were a bunch of bugs fixed, but this is probably irrelevant for the issue you wrote about above.

I downloaded a new copy of the example (Help -> Download Tutorials and Examples) separately in both 2016.0 and 2016.1, and I didn't get any errors in the Pointmarker_To_FootprintShape.cga file.  From your screenshot, I can't really see the code that is causing the bug, but I don't think you changed the file, so I don't think the problem is there.  In any case, maybe try downloading a fresh copy of the example again?

Or if that doesn't work, another suggestion would be to reset your copy of ESRI.lib.  If you remove ESRI.lib from your workspace in the navigator (right click on ESRI.lib in Navigator -> Delete -> doesn't matter if you delete the contents on disk or not), CityEngine will automatically write it again into your workspace when you restart CityEngine.