Distributing assets on a surface

03-30-2012 02:11 AM
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Hi !

[ already posted this in a separate thread since this has been discussed a little hidden in an other thread and may be of interest for other peeps too.]

Here's a little project attached which helps understand how CGA can be used to distribute assets - in this example trees - on a surface.

There are 4 ways described how to to this. Check out screenshot and CE project attached:

way 1 :
using the scatter() operation : asset instances may overlap.

way 2 :
using 2 repetitive splits, one in x, one in z direction of the scope.

way 3 :
using 2 repetitive splits, one in x, one in z direction of the scope. difference to way 2 is that the noAdjust parameter is set in the first split, which creates a regular split pattern, since the scope is not adjusted on each 'stripe' as in way 2.

way 4 :
splitting recursively ( 'and again .. and again ..' ), always orthogonal to the longest edge, until the remaining length is smaller than a specified attribute value.
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I have a land parcel which also contains building footprints ontop, it there a way to scatter the trees so that they don't go ontop on the building footprints (ie so I don't have trees growing out of my buildings?!)

Also how do you put in a buffer around the edge so that the trees don't generate too close to the edge of the reserve?

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depends on how you create/insert your footprint.

if you cut the parcel down into just green with trees and footprint shapes, you should not get that issue. if you copy the parcel first to create green with trees, logic dictates that you get trees sticking thru your buildings.

check your code for duplicate those issues.

just use an offset() with comp(f) {inside : Green | all : NIL } to make a little gap.
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Original User: josepharmbruster

I am currently putting a series of posts together on the topic of scatter.  This directly relates to the idea of distributing assets on a surface but it dives a little bit deeper.  Keep your eyes open for my future posts:


Joseph Armbruster
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