How do I scatter only outside a building or inside?

02-09-2012 05:50 AM
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I've finally got some time again to keep playing with CityEngine, but I'll stuck on a small problem, and thats how to scatter on the part of the lot that not where the building is. I just don't want gazillion polygons that no one ever sees 😉

Attached bottom view screenshot to show what I mean.

/ Totte
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hi !

use the scatter operation only on the subshapes.

e.g. if you're using split() or shapeL() to define other shapes, trigger the scatter operation one one of the following shapes, not directly 'Lot'.

if you download the Medieval Town Example, check the landscape rule. certainly this is complex for a novice, but looking at those rules and how they're named/organized will help you further one or two steps.

once you stuble and fall on your nose, lemme know .. 😉
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I am currently putting a series of posts together on the topic of scatter.  Keep an eye on these to see if they give you any ideas:

Joseph Armbruster
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