Displaying open space within building footprint

04-18-2013 12:42 PM
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I have a building footprint that shows the setback area as open-space (green space), however depending on the shape of the building, I want to remainder of the building footprint to become open space as well. Is there any way to do this? I have included an image which hopefully explains what I want to do.


My code is:

Parcel -->  #create parcel from outline
 setback (distanceStreet)
  { street.front: OpenSpace | remainder: SubParcel}

SubParcel --> #divide parcel into subparcel for open space and building space designation
 setback (distanceBuilding)
  { street.back: OpenSpace | street.left : OpenSpace | street.right : OpenSpace | remainder: Footprint}
OpenSpace -->
 color ("#77ff77")
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Hi !

That cannot be the full code, because you have some extrudes.

Just find the shape which is not green and trigger the OpenSpace rule there.

Check out precisely how the Model Hierarchy works to track such things down.

Read this thread and watch the video.

Also, check tutorial video 6 here :

Ok ?
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