Combining polygonal modeling

09-05-2013 04:44 AM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: Sheyla_Santana

Hello, Everybody.
I need a rule to construct a model like this:
1 - In the first floor, a front setback = 5,9meters
2 - In the next 2 floors, no setback
3 - In the 4th floor, back setback = 5 meters and side setback = 1.5 meters.
The building should seems like these in the picture.
Does anyone know how can i extrude the second floor removing the setback of the first floor?
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Original User: matthiasbuehler

Hi !

How many buildings of that 'typology' do you need ?

If you're trying to remodel one specific building, it's not worth the time to model it procedurally, rather manually. E.g. using Maya, Max, or an other tool. Or using the 'Polygonal Shape Creation tool' in CityEngine ( tutorial 14 ).

If you need a wide variety ( 50+ ) of these buildings, of course it's worth the time.

Not every task at hand must be done procedurally.

Let me know.

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Hello, Matt!

I need about a thousand buildings like this! Is there a rule that can help me to do it automatically?


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by Anonymous User
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Original User: matthiasbuehler

Hi again.

Sure you can do that.

What's the application. Do you need just a huge variation of different buildings or do you need each building to be adjustable with some specific parameters ?

Can you give me a preciser of the list of parameters you'd need ?

Lemme know.

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Hello, Matt.
I need that every building of this type use basically the same parameters. They need to start within a front setback of 5.9 meters and extrude three meters. Then i need to extrude the next two floors (10 meters) without any setbacks. The remaining floors need back setback of 5 meters, a front setback of 2 meters and side setback of 1.5 meters. This information of how many floors that those buildings are going to have is defined using the my basic rule that considers setbacks, occupancy rate and coefficient of utilization. I have to put some discont areas (about 27-31% of the total area of the building). At this moment, i don't know how to do it...
My basic rule is:

attr Frontal = 6
attr Lateral = 3
attr TO = 0.4
attr CA = 3
attr GFHeight = 3
attr UFHeight = 3

attr parcelArea = 0

Lot --> Area(geometry.area)

Area(area) --> set (parcelArea, geometry.area) report ("Area do Lote PD", parcelArea) Afast_F(area)

Afast_F(area) -->  setback(Frontal) { streetSide : NIL  | remainder : Afast_L(area) }

Afast_L(area) --> setback(Lateral) { noStreetSide : NIL  | remainder : projecao(area) }

projecao(area) --> case geometry.area > area * TO :  Redimensiona(area, geometry.area)
else : Sobe(area, geometry.area)
Redimensiona(area, areaP) -->   s('area*TO/areaP, 'area*TO/areaP, '1) center (xz)  Sobe (area, geometry.area)

Sobe (area, areaSC ) --> 
split (y) {GFHeight : Volume("GF") | ~1 : UpperFloor }

UpperFloor -->
split (y) { ~ UFHeight : Volume("UF") } *

Volume (volumeType) -->
case volumeType == "GF":
  color ("#990000")
  set (material.opacity, 0.5)
else :
  color ("#990000")
  set (material.opacity, 0.5)
Reporting -->
report("Primeiro Andar PD", geometry.area(bottom))
report("Demais Andares PD", geometry.area(bottom) / parcelArea )

Did i make myself clear?
Thanks again!!
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