CE Scene-to-web viewer texture issues

02-03-2015 10:24 AM
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I am attempting to create buildings of a university campus using (mostly) the polygon shape creation tools. Assets, such as doors/windows, and textures are then added. I am using the polygon shape creation tools because at present,writing/adapting rules for the specific shapes and textures/facades or creating CGA rules from photographs eludes my present abilities for so many varied building types. This is a project in the Geography Department at CSUF.


However, in publishing the Scene to Web Viewer, I find a number of textures/assets do not appear, or result in a "fluttering," or some extrusions appear while others do not.


I have attached photos showing a comparison of the buildings in the Scene, and the resulting issue in Web Viewer. In one building, the extrusion appears on one side, but is lost on the other side.


In another instance, using a CE .cga rule to extrude generic building shapes and textures of campus buildings works fine, but there is a slight "fluttering" in the purple texture on one building.


In another instance using the polygonal tool to draw a papercrete house, the sunken roof and window/door assets did not appear. When I placed the assets level with the walls (before they were slightly recessed), the assets then reappeared in Web Viewer.


The above examples were published using a variety of settings (original, low, compact, etc.). The results were the same. I believe the computer has the necessary up-to-date hardware and software (video card, driver, etc).


I have not been able to find a solution. By using polygon shape creation tools to create numerous campus buildings, am I asking CE to do something for which it is not well suited? And why would the sunken roof not be captured in web viewer?

Apologies if I have overlooked the obvious. Thanks for any suggestions.


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