White screen issue on IPad

10-09-2020 05:39 AM
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Hi team this white screen issue is related to the previous thread: ArcGIS AppStudio Cloud Make Build for IOS and Android gives white screen 

We are using QuickReport template 

On commenting the onComposeError or changing onCompseError to onErrorChanged tha apps are working fine on Android and IPhone however the issue still persists on IPad

Following is the configuration of our testing device: 

We are using the latest version of AppStudio, we are building the apps using CloudMake 

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you

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The white screen issue normally related to QML issue. Can you try running your app in AppRun in AppStudio Desktop? 

Also if you can send the application or share it publicly then share the name to us, we can probably try to help troubleshoot. Or let's work it with Esri Technical Support‌, so that we can troubleshoot and see what the issue is. 

Thank you,


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