Repetitive Feature Collection with App Studio?

01-18-2018 10:51 AM
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Let's say there are multiple trail heads (i.e., point features) that I would like to report on in the field using a native application I created with App Studio. In this case, I would like to report 5 trail heads as being "Closed" from a specific start date to end date, add some comments as well as a photo attachment. I click on my first trail head, enter the aforementioned attributes for that first trail head, but before or after I submit this information, I want to have the ability to pass over these entered attributes for my first trail head into my other 4 trail heads of interest that I would also like to report on (i.e., if it helps to better describe what I would like to accomplish in App Studio, see the second bullet point below).

Is this type of repetitive feature collection (or continuous collection) feature in Collector for ArcGIS also available in App Studio for ArcGIS (maybe in the Quick Report template)?

  • Like the last one – this copies both the location and all of the attributes. This is a great option for capturing the same type of thing at the same location. For example – marking multiple violations at a single location.
  • Like the last one, at my location – this copies the attributes but not the location. This is a great option for capturing the same thing at different locations. For example – capturing a row of newly planted palm trees.
  • At the same location – this copies the location but ignores not only the attributes but also resets the type of feature. This is a great option for capturing multiple types of things at the same location. For example – cataloging equipment placed at the same geographic location (poles with signs on them).
  • New feature – this resets the entire collection process so that you can start collecting from scratch.
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Hi there,

Thanks for posting your question. This is definitely a valid enhancement request. Could you please go ahead and log an enhancement request with the Tech Support so that it can tracked properly?



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