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Quick Report Add Details Page

12-18-2020 11:12 AM
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I am working with the Quick Report Template and have a couple of questions about the Add Details/Attribute Pages.

  1. How do these attributes interact with the hosted feature layer that they are being added to? For example, if I have a hosted feature layer that does not have the default attributes that are included with the app (Rotation, Description, Date) will those be added to my feature layer automatically or do I need to make fields for them? I plan on creating my own attributes in the attribute field, but was just wondering.
  2. Is there a way to do drop-down menus on the Add Details page?



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I am going to share this ArcGIS Learn lesson, and this youtube video regarding Quick Report, 


So the way it works is, Quick Report template will get the list of attributes and its type from the feature layer, and dynamically create the question in the Add Details page, so if you want to add more questions to the Add Details page, you should add attributes to the feature layer and set the type appropriately. (And don't forget to click Settings>Reset on the app after changing feature layer or adding/update attributes to the feature layers)


For a "drop-down" type of question, you need to set the coded-domain values for the attribute that you want to have it shown as drop-down question as shown in the City of Cilantro 311 App. Look at the feature layers that are used and they have coded-domain values, 


I hope this helps,











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