Mapviewer App not showing legend properly

06-20-2019 07:23 AM
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I have created an app using the Mapviewer template. I added some customisation to the template, but for some reason the symbols in the legend are behaving strange. All the first symbols are all blue, and down the bottom the symbols are loaded correctly. 

Can someone point me to where in the code this part is being messed up?

(It works when using the same maps in a new template, so the maps are fine, but because of my customization, i can't use a new template)

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Is the customized template and new template are using the same template version and using the ArcGIS Runtime version? 

I think you can start from here, view/PanelPage.qml ~line 426 on Component legendView, 

And then go to view/LegendView.qml and view/LegendDelegate.qml file. 

I hope this is helpful,


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