Map not showing layer in android appstudio

02-05-2017 08:48 PM
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I have a map in arcgis online that I am trying to create an android app.  The map is showing but the main layer is not, nor is the legend. 

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Hi there,

Looks like you are adding a webmap to an Appstudio application. Is that correct?

To add a webmap please use the Webmap component as mentioned here

Add webmap to your app · Esri/arcgis-appstudio-samples Wiki · GitHub 

1) Are you running this app within Player on Android?

2) Does the app work on Windows using AppStudio Desktop?

3) Are you using the MapViewer template?

4)How did you create this application?

Please provide some more specifics to your issue to troubleshoot further.



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Thank you. It must have been a glitch because I tried it the next day and

the app appeared in my android appstudio player. I am still having my

original problem however and that is that the layers do not all show up. I

couldn't get a certain layer to show so I actually edited the map creating

different layers. They show up but don't look right.

1. Yes, I am running this on android appstudio player

2. AppStudio reflects the first version of the app (I have since modified

the map but it does not show the changes.) That version does not show the

map layers I added, just the map itself.(I edited the map, adding a layer

for appelations, which are in the android version but not the desktop. The

Appstudio on the android device shows the updated map but the layers are

not displaying the same as in arcgis. (see screenshots below)

3. I am using the mapviewer template.

4. I created the app using the Appstudio.arcgis

Here is a screenshot of the map (for the napa valley app) on my desktop

Here is a screenshot on my android

And this is what it looks like in arcgis online (how I would like it to


Thank you for your help!

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Michele,

Are you talking about the symbols not showing correctly? Instead of wine glass it shows circles as shown in Screenshot_20170207 image? Is that your issue.? Also this screenshot is the one from Android or Windows?

Please let me know.



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