Map is not rotating when in Navigation mode

08-27-2015 10:48 AM
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I have built a Map Viewer application. I was hoping to test the rotation functionality of the navigation mode. This is a critical component of the application we need to develop, but I can not get this to work. I need the map to rotate with the direction of travel of the device . However when testing the application the map will only pan about the device location and will not rotate. I am testing the application on a Trimble Yuma device running windows 7 32 bit. I am sure that I am using the correct mode but I just can't seem to get the map to rotate. Is there an additional property that needs to be set for this to function ? This documentation indicates this is a feature of the map viewer. I'm relatively new to AppStudio, any assistance is appreciated.

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Hi Michael,

You are correct - the Map Viewer supports 4 different auto-pan modes:

  • Off (no auto panning)
  • Default (will center the GPS)
  • Navigation (map will rotate with travel direction, location sits near bottom of screen) and
  • Compass (map will rotate to point north, location sits near bottom of screen)

The situation you are describing, where the map aligns to the direction of your travel is Navigation mode.

To use the Map Viewer in Navigation mode, tap the GPS icon in the map tools to toggle through the above options. The icon for Navigation mode looks like this:


Also keep in mind that as soon as you manually pan the map in these special modes, that the auto-pan will automatically change to Off.

Let me know if this helps,


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Thank you for your reply. Yes I understand the Navigation mode versus the other modes. What I am experiencing was the map not auto rotating while in Navigation mode. The top of the device screen is maintained as North without rotating for the direction of travel. For example while driving east the device will simply pan to the east with east being maintained as the right hand side of the device screen versus the top of the screen. This hold true for any direction of travel.

I have created two separate applications that utilize the navigation setting and both of them perform the same(do not rotate). I am careful not to manually pan or zoom during my testing.

Still hope to get this resolved.


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Hi, Michael Clancy.

I'm having the same problem, but with the Andriod SDK v10.2.8.

Did you have resolved this issue?


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