how to add details to app

11-13-2019 10:13 PM
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how do I "add details" within my app. 

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The questions in Add Details page are auto-populated from the attributes of the feature layer configured in the QuickReport template. 

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I added new attributes to my hosted layer in ArcGIS online but they are still not populating on the app. I tried refreshing it but I still haven't gotten anything. Do I need to create the attributes in ArcMap then convert it to an online layer? I am really lost, if you have any material that could help me it would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm experiencing the same issue here. In my case I deleted the default fields on the Feature Layer Data and because the app is designed for unregistered users, I created new fields to capture the users' basic information: name, last name and ID (in spanish: Nombre, Apellido, Cédula)

But the fields are not synchronized on the QuickReport App, I even create a new App from the Template (having changed the fields before) and uninstalled AppStudio, but nothing changes

I have already posted this question here Quick Report add setting to report  but haven't received any answer, so I decided to post again, any help will be appreciated:

Feature Layer table fields are not synced with QuickReport Details Page fields

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Thank you for asking the question in GeoNet. Could you please try to reset the quick report by clicking on the hamburger menu > Settings > Reset.

Also, Quick Report does support for secured feature service. When you provide one in settings, we will show a sign in pop-up. 



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