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Deploying an Initial App For Testing Without Developer License

01-12-2021 07:43 PM
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I would like two or three people to test my app before I deploy it to the various publicly available app studios (Apple Store, Google Play). Is there a way I can share it with them without a Developers License? As a consultant I do not have an organization account where I can give them access to the organization. Eventually I will have to purchase a Developers License but have not received the money for this from the client yet.


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Without the Developers License, your option is to use AppStudio Player on their smartphone to download your app. If the testers are not in the same ArcGIS Online ORG, then you need to make your to be shared publicly. In AppStudio Player you can download a publicly shared app by going to Cloud tab, Search (top right corner), then make sure the filters are set to Public apps and anyone. 


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