Build succeeds but error 500 attempting to download

08-13-2015 11:10 AM
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I created a new project, setup a Map Viewer, built it for OS X only. The build reported success and gives the download button. Clicking it produces an error:

ArcGIS Portal Directory | HomeLogin | Signup | Generate Token

Item does not have a file.

Error: 500

I logged out and back in several times and saved the project and rebuilt, yet always get error 500 when downloading.

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I have not been able to reproduce this issue myself - but the error message makes me think that there was no build output. Did you get an email letting you know that the build was successful?

Can you log into ArcGIS Online and look for the item there? It should be listed in the My Apps folder. If the item is there - please delete it and request another build. Then can you download and unzip the item from here to find the .dmg file?

I am hoping that the only issue here is that the download button is available slightly before the build output has finished uploading. What happens if you don't hit the download button until a few minutes after the build has completed?

Sorry for the barrage of questions,


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I definitely hit the download button as soon as the build was completed. But after that failed I tried several more times to download. If I revisit Build App the build appears with a download button, but it always results in error 500.

checking over at Online under my All tab I see 3 copies of my app (1.0.4). I deleted all 3. Went back to AppStudio and went straight to Build App again and started a new build. Once completed I flipped back to Online and see the setup dmg is there, and this time the download works and the app installs. Subsequent builds seem to be working I did a few more and there is only 1 setup file after each build.

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