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08-13-2015 07:22 PM
by Anonymous User
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Might be a simple question.... in the QML extras there is the FileFolder object, which has methods to write to file or text files. But they seem to just overwrite any existing file - is there a way to append instead?


id: myfileFolder

path: "c:/myfolder"


myfileFolder.writeTextFile("myFile.txt", "my message to add")

myfileFolder.writeFile("myFile.txt", "my message to add")

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I am not familiar with QML, but saw you hadn't received a response, yet. I perused the API reference - ArcGIS Runtime QML Extras: FileFolder Class Reference - but couldn't see anything that natively supported appending to the file. This is a really basic feature - I'm surprised it's not something made available to you.

As an alternative, how about reading the existing text file using the readTextFile​ method, appending it yourself, then calling the writeTextFile method with the full string object?

by Anonymous User
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Hi Chris - yes, reading, adding to and then re-writing the whole file seems to be the solution in the absence of an append method.



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