AppStudio Make AAB Bundle - QT_DEPRECATED_VERSION_5_15

12-28-2021 12:13 PM
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I am trying creating a new version of the AAB file and publish it. And it not finish the process. 

Bellow a screenshot of the versions. 


around 99% progress I am getting the error message bellow.


... the first error that I for was related with Framework.Sensors. I have commented the  line //import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Sensors 1.0  and now I am getting the error above. 

I spent the whole day trying to find the lines where I can disable it and I couldn't find it. Attached I am sent the log details. I hope someone helps me understand this problem.

obs. If I change it to .apk its works fine. but .aab not works. 






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Hi @MistyDowning and @CarlosCarvalho ,

I was able to reproduce this error when having the correct Android Keystore Password but the wrong Android Key Password. I recommend possibly trying to create a new keystore to see if that works.


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