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02-05-2019 11:59 AM
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With the recent updates from Apple, only the apps built with iOS SDK version 12x will be accepted for apple store and it has started to throw warning and occassionally reject the builds if they were complied with iOS 11x.

I was using ArcGIS AppStudio Cloud make tool and it is always building to iOS 11.3. 

I've found this but even with using latest version of AppStudio (3.2.79) and removing item from local and cloud, also doing a clean build, the problem still remains the same. (see attachments)

Does anyone have any pointers ? Is local build the only way to go as of now ?

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Hello Adhikari, 

Yes, we are aware of the iOS 12 SDK requirement from Apple AppStore starting March 2019, and working on the new release that is coming really soon, see this blog post for more details. However, Apple should not reject the apps if they are built using iOS 11x before March, notice from Apple

cc: Chris LeSueur

Thank you, 

Erwin Soekianto.

AppStudio for ArcGIS.

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Thanks Erwin for the clarification and prompt reply. I guess I'll need to need to do local build for the time being.

You guys are under serious deadline .  Good Luck and looking forward for the Beta.