What's new in AppStudio for ArcGIS Version 2.0

06-30-2017 09:15 AM
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We are excited to announce the release of the AppStudio for ArcGIS version 2.0. AppStudio has gone through a major overhaul that includes new features, capabilities, framework enhancements and a fresh new interface. This release is focused towards adding value to our users and improving your app development experience. The AppStudio product has come a long way since launching  2 years ago, with great feedback from our users, we are committed to making this platform more efficient and user-friendly.


Following are the highlights of this release:

  • AppStudio now supports the latest ArcGIS Runtime 100.1
  • AppStudio desktop has a redesigned interface with light and dark themes
  • New native capabilities - Local Notification, Vibration & Background location
  • New utility plugins - SQL Storage and Promises
  • Map Tour template has a new landscape view and supports new runtime 
  • Map Viewer template has been redesigned from the ground up
  • Quick Report template works completely offline and supports new runtime
  • AppStudio Website has a new Showcase Gallery
  • AppStudio Framework API and guide documentation is now available online


You can now get the brand-new version of AppStudio for ArcGIS at http://appstudio.arcgis.com.  Don’t forget to update the mobile companion app AppStudio Player from iTunes and Google Play store.

AppStudio Desktop:

Our team has completely re-designed the AppStudio desktop with new UX, a new set of system icons, layout, and

theme color to help improve your overall experience and make you more productive. With this updates, AppStudio Desktop supports ArcGIS Runtime Version 100.1 now.  There are also many new features and enhancements introduced in this release such as better search functionality, better create "New App" experience and background location support. Please see this blog post for more details.  

AppStudio Website:

1. New Showcase Gallery

A new Showcase Gallery has been added to the AppStudio Website. You will be able to discover many cool apps built with AppStudio and it might even inspire you with new ideas for your mobile app project. If you want your app to be included get in touch via Twitter or geonet community.


2. Creating Quick Report Using Polyline and Polygon Feature Layers

Previously, only point features were supported while using the AppStudio Website to create an app with the Quick Report template.  With this new release, point, polyline, and polygon are all supported. 

AppStudio Framework:

There are a new set of plugins added to the AppFramework, which offer native capability across all platforms supported by AppStudio.  These new plugins are:

  • Notifications Plugin (Beta)
  • Local Notifications Plugin (Beta)
  • SQL Plugin (Beta)
  • Promises Plugin (Beta)
  • Vibration (Beta)

For more information about new plugins, please check this blog post.

Note: These plugins are currently in beta and we appreciate any feedback from our users.

AppStudio Player:

AppStudio Player now supports two versions of the ArcGIS Runtime side by side. You can switch between the runtimes for you new or existing apps with the new settings interface. You will also find other enhancements to support Material and Universal design. Many other minor UI enhancements, new features, and bug fixes are all part of the latest release of Player, it is available to download in the app stores or for your desktop, please see this blog post for more details.

AppStudio Template:

ArcGIS Runtime Version 100.1 is supported by all of the AppStudio templates now. (Map Tour, Map Viewer, Quick Report).  Map Tour template has a new landscape view, Map Viewer has been re-designed from the ground up, and Quick Report works completely offline with the support of Mobile map package.  Please see this blog post for more details about the new features and enhancements of the AppStudio templates. 

AppStudio Framework API Documentation:

AppStudio Framework API Guide and API reference documentation have improved greatly with many code snippets and new documentation on the AppStudio AppFramework. The AppFramework API documentation is now available online.  You can also press F1 to display the full help documentation in the Qt creator.


AppStudio for ArcGIS Basic is included as part of your ArcGIS Subscription (Level 2), you can create and publish apps with the Map Tour, Map Viewer, and Quick Report templates. AppStudio for ArcGIS Standard gives you a suite of developer productivity tools, and enables you to extend the templates, use samples and create custom apps from scratch.With Standard, you can also upload apps to an ArcGIS Organization and collaborate on apps with other team members.

New at this release: AppStudio for ArcGIS standard license is now included in the ArcGIS Developer Subscription – Builder level and above. If you are an existing user and already have purchased AppStudio Standard license then it will continue to work until its valid. If you are planning to buy new then it will be bundled with the developer subscription at builder level and above. We believe that this will open up AppStudio to more developers and enthusiasts to create awesome applications. You can also sign-up for an ArcGIS trial account to get a 21-day trial of AppStudio Standard.

Our team intends to make improvements and enhancements continuously to help you create beautiful apps. We hope you enjoy these new features and upgrades. 

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List of support issues addressed


Symbology issue with applications created using the Story Map Tour template in the AppStudio for ArcGIS website is resolved.


Incorrectly formatted word "Display" in Settings is corrected


The Map Viewer template in AppStudio for ArcGIS now shows the default extent when opened on Android and iOS devices


Missing checkboxes in App Studio Make tool from AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop on Arabic Mac OSX is corrected.


Security vulnerability with iOS applications created with AppStudio for ArcGIS is resolved.


iOS apps developed with AppStudio for ArcGIS are now getting compiled using the default iOS memory management framework.


The AppStudio for ArcGIS Map Viewer crash issue with time enabled layer is resolved.


Security vulnerability with Android applications created with AppStudio for ArcGIS is fixed.


The issue with Map Scale settings of AppStudio for ArcGIS Map Tour not being honored when set in AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop no longer exists.


An AppStudio for ArcGIS application created with the Map Viewer template shows numeric coded values rather than associated domain values.


A Map Tour template app in AppStudio for ArcGIS is able to retrieve an image that is successfully accessed when the same image is referenced in a Story Map Tour application in ArcGIS Online.


The OpenStreetMap basemap displays in an AppStudio Player for ArcGIS app that is created using the AppStudio for ArcGIS Map Viewer template.