When using the overwrite method from arcgis.features.managers. BUG

07-22-2020 08:41 AM
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Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved or has an alternate solution? I have a python script that converts a JSON file to CSV and then it overwrite a hosted feature service. The script recently threw an error referencing that the collection.manager.overwrite function is no longer working. I found this link that references the Bug that has been reported.

BUG-000115253: When using the overwrite method from arcgis.features.

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What version of the api are you using? 1.8.1?  If it said in production plan, then it may not be fixed yet, especially since there was no alternate solution.

1.8.2 is on esri's conda


so you could try a ... conda update arcgis=1.8.2

if you are familiar with conda

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