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FeatureSet SDF method converts datetimes correctly only sometimes, why?

07-22-2020 03:01 PM
New Contributor III

I don't believe there is any mention of this in the documentation, but it seems that the ..sdf property for a FeatureSet 

converts timestamps to datetime64, which is great and saves me some work...except that for some reason it doesn't work properly if I try and query every feature in a layer then convert to an sdf.

For Example:


You can see here that first I try and query an entire layer (dpd) and then convert to an sdf, that date is wrong, it should be 1847-02-11 (this is a special date my office uses for something). The next cell shows me specifying that same feature beforehand within the query on the FeatureLayer, then I convert to sdf...somehow it's correctly converted.

This is no big deal, I know this functionality is new and it's not that much trouble to just convert the timestamps on the FeatureSet myself...curious though on why this might be? 

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