What is the difference between CreateWebLayerSDDraft and getWebLayerSharingDraft

02-03-2020 07:36 AM
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What is the difference between CreateWebLayerSDDraft and getWebLayerSharingDraft? I am trying to update a map on the portal with a map on the internal network. GetWebLayerSharingDraft pulls from the portal? Do I need to call getWebLayerSharingDraft to pull data like tags, description, and credits to pass into CreateWebLayerSDDraft? I want all the metadata to persist on the portal document except the map itself. 

I am running ArcGIS Pro.

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The arcpy.sharing module (containing getWebLayerSharingDraft) was introduced at ArcGIS Pro 2.2 to provide a better experience when sharing web layers over the previously existing function CreateWebLayerSDDraft. The original function is provided only for backward compatibility.

Introduction to arcpy.sharing—Sharing module | Documentation