Updating AGOL Notebook arcgis python api

11-04-2021 07:15 AM
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This could be a two part question because I discovered one based on the roadblock of the other.

Preface: I have a customer that needs multiple maps generated on a daily basis for hard copy reports. I can compile pdfs but I need the screen caps of the maps that are generated and have run into a lot of issues.

Tried doing a screen shot using a mapview. That doesn't work in a task since I guess it needs to render in a browser manually to work.

Switched over to trying to use WebMap.print() but when I ran it, it gave me an error that it doesn't have that method. So I checked the documentation and it turns out that print() is only available in 1.9.0 and later. However, AGOL notebooks run 1.8.4 by default. I tried pip upgrading and it looked like it initially upgraded properly but it did change the error. I restarted the kernel and that just killed everything.

Am I missing something on the upgrade and/or when will the default be 1.9 or higher?

Also tried to pip install third party geospatial libraries to visualize the maps but that didn't seem to work because reasons...

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