Trouble logging in using arcpy in a virtual machine

10-07-2021 08:06 PM
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I have a few python scripts that I use to update some of our maps over night.

I am in the process of moving these scripts from my computer to a VM so other team members will be able to access and maintain them if required.

However I am having issues using arcpy in the VM. 

When I try to sign-in in the script using:

gis = GIS("", "Username", "Password")

The script will try and run that line but it will just hang there indefinitely without any error (I waited for a few hours before killing it). 

Screen shot of Jupyter attached.



The VM is running Win 10 and has ArcGIS Pro Desktop installed and signed in.

I am also able to connect and grab content in ESRI online from the ArcGIS Pro Desktop.

I'm hoping someone can point out if there are some network or firewall settings I can discuss with our IT to try and sort this out.

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don't use it, but you didn't indicate whether you had seen the documentation and requirements for virtualized environments

ArcGIS Pro in a virtualized environment—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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