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StoryMap - Cannot access all paragraph text in all slides within sidecar

04-26-2023 04:02 PM
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Hi there - I am trying to update text within a series of slides in a sidecar. Each slide is comprised of a heading and multiple lines of text that exist in different content blocks/paragraph/lines of text where each block is set as a new paragraph. When accessing the node/text programmatically, it appears that the text node relates only to the last content block/paragraph/line of text in the slide - which means I can only update this one particular paragraph programmatically.

Not sure where I am going wrong - I have Googled my heart out with no luck in solving this problem so I would be grateful for your advice.

ArcGIS API for Python v

ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1

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Hello can you post a screenshot or provide more example on what the slide looks like so we can make sure to debug correctly and test as well? 


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