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Spatial dataframe not honoring Z value

05-11-2023 11:16 AM
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I have  geopandas data frame with linestring values. When I export from geopandas, my shapefile has_z = True.

When I convert this geodataframe to a spatial data frame and export from the spatial dataframe, the has_Z is False

Why would this happen?

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Converting from the geodataframe that has z values to a spatial data frame, I lose the z values.

When I export out a shapefile from the geopandas geodataframe, then load that back into the arcgis spatial data frame, the spatial data frame has z enabled. 

So I cannot convert from a geodataframe to a spatial dataframe and keep the z values? I will need to write out to a shapefile, then read it back in to get the z enabled sdf

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