SEDF Class Breaks by Size

04-18-2019 05:55 AM
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I would like to produce a map like this:

I have a spatially enabled data frame with a column with numeric values (integers). I want vary the size of the symbol by value. I have found documentation for changing colors, which works fine, but I can't figure out how to change size.

Here is my current code:

red_rel.spatial.plot(map_widget= m3,
renderer_type = 'c',

I imagine it is a matter of changing the 'c' in renderer_type to something else but I haven't figured out what that is. There should also be a way to set a size range.

Many Thanks.

also, is there a way to clear the symbology so each time I run the script it doesn't just overwrite the previous symbology?

ArcGIS API for Python v. 1.6

Jupyter Lab v. 0.35.4

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