Problem when downloading metadata in arcgis online

12-15-2017 06:03 AM
New Contributor

I'm downloding metadata from items in ArcGIS Online. For that to happen it is required that the 'Metadata" keyword is in the typeKeywords list. I'm updating this keyword when not found. Anyway some items will return None when you try to access their metadata. I went online and tried to visualize the metadata and got the error bellow:

ArcGIS Portal Directory | HomeLogged in as: msilva | Logout | Generate Token

Unable to transform metadata for item '6941bae88d6c44d89fb0c68b647c3644'

Error: 500
Then instead of visualizing it I click the editing option and then click Save and Close. Next time I try to download the metadata it will work. 
I don't know what is happening but I would like to know how can I programmatically mimic the save and close in my jypyter notebook so that I can download it all without manually handle the problematic items.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
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