Prepare_data ERROR

02-28-2020 09:51 PM
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Hello every one, I'm trying to follow the example of extracting building foot print, same steps here, but with my own dataset

arcgis-python-api/Extracting Building Footprints From Drone Data.ipynb at f1183261b6cea0a3d98bbe462c... 

I'm getting the below ERROR, any help

I'm using the Notebook inside ArcGIS Pro 2.5

and successfully installed the Deep Learning dependencies as per instructions


and same ERROR I got by using the Train Tool inside ArcGIS Pro 2.5


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Hi your pillow is broken, use this command to uninstall pillow 

conda remove pillow --force

then reinstall using the following command

conda install -c esri pillow

add --no-pin if you are using arcgis pro python environment

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